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Welcome to Prime Brooklyn Plumber & HVAC Services, your source in connecting to the plumbers with in the city. Get connected to reliable plumbers in the local surrounding areas. With a mission of delivering reliable services to the valued customers.


Effective solutions for drain snaking, hydro jetting, sewer line repairs, and replacements.

If you have a leaky tap, a broken water heater, or a clogged drain or require emergency plumbing services plumbers are always ready to help. A plumbing problem may spoil your day and cause damage to your property, which is why having access to a reputable plumber is critical.

Local plumbers are available 24/7 for any plumbing emergencies that require immediate attention.

Plumbers offer sewer line inspection and repair services to keep your sewer system functioning correctly.

When your water heater requires service, don’t trust the task to just anybody. Water heaters are a necessary component of home comfort. Contact Prime Brooklyn Plumber for expert help with water heater repairs in Brooklyn. You can rely on us for consistent, dependable service because we have more than three decades of expertise working in Brooklyn. We take great pride in providing top-notch tankless and conventional storage-tank water heater maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

Prime Brooklyn Plumber is pleased to provide dependable heating installation in Brooklyn, and our knowledgeable staff can assist in determining which kind of system is best for you and your heating requirements. We adhere to job performance standards, use the best materials and products available in the industry, and provide outstanding value for your money. We can assist you whether you want to install a new furnace or need to replace your boiler.

The garbage disposal is one of the most widely used home comforts. It’s a helpful device that breaks down food into tiny pieces to create a slurry that water subsequently carries through the pipes. However, if the garbage disposal house jams or clogs, it might soon turn into a major plumbing issue. Non-food objects like spoons, straws, or sponges that get caught in garbage disposals can cause harm to the device. Certain foods, such as grease, bones, lipids, or extremely fibrous foods, can also clog pipes. Furthermore, obstructions in the drain line lower down the line can result from a clogged garbage disposal.

With repair and installation services that will not only take care of all of your garbage disposal problems but also prolong the life of your garbage disposal for years to come, Prime Brooklyn Plumbers are available around-the-clock.

A plumbing leak can be a major headache that, over time, could seriously harm your house. Finding all potential leaks in your plumbing system is critical, but correcting them is just as important. When you need assistance identifying and fixing leaks in your house, you need dependable professionals with the necessary skills.

Prime Brooklyn Plumber has years of experience assisting clients in locating and repairing leaks in their homes. We are aware that this is a crucial service when it comes to safeguarding your house from leak-related issues including water damage, mold, mildew, and numerous other issues. You can be confident that our Brooklyn plumbers have what it takes to assist you in finding potential plumbing leaks and offer long-lasting remedies that take care of the immediate issue.

You don’t have much time to consider when your house is flooded or you’re dealing with a plumbing catastrophe. Simply give Prime Brooklyn Plumber a call as soon as an issue arises. As your Brooklyn emergency plumber, we’ll dispatch a technician as quickly as feasible.

We won’t leave until you are totally delighted with your Brooklyn plumber (available round-the-clock). To make sure everything is working as it should, we’ll test our work and ask you to do the same.

Call our team at Prime Brooklyn Plumber right away if you are experiencing an emergency with your plumbing. To assist you with all of your Brooklyn plumbing service needs, we have an emergency plumber in Brooklyn on call and ready to go.

You are losing money if a tap leaks or breaks because it costs you money. The plumbers of Prime Brooklyn Plumber are prepared to visit your house and swiftly fix any leaky faucets you may have. Not all broken faucets require replacement. In reality, many issues may be resolved with the help of an expert plumber.

When you contact our crew, we’ll swiftly travel to your house with the equipment and components required to fix your tap issues. For a smooth finish, we’ll also make sure that any visible components match the style of your faucets.

Before we contact a mold remediation consultant near me to have the mold in your home removed from the home, it’s crucial to understand what mold is and why it is so damaging. Mold damage may cause a lot of difficulties for a household afflicted by it.

A mold is a form of fungus that develops in multicellular structures known as hyphae. Although mold spores are present almost everywhere, moisture is necessary for them to develop into the hairy fungus that we are all familiar with in order to grow and thrive. Mold may grow anywhere there is water, which is not something you want in your house.

A flexible, coiled wire known as a plumbing snake or drain snake is manually inserted into your drain to locate the obstruction. The clog is broken up or removed by the snake as it travels through your pipes, clearing the way for your drains to work as they should. Local plumbers frequently utilize snaking because of its efficiency and a little level of intrusion.

Severe plumbing problems brought on by clogged drains can cause discomfort at best and significant property damage at worst. Serving Brooklyn, Prime Brooklyn Plumber provides expert snaking services to remove difficult clogs and keep your plumbing systems operating efficiently.

Every winter, frozen pipes are a problem for homeowners all throughout the country. The freezing temperatures frequently cause the water in your pipes to solidify, converting them into ice. Because frozen water expands, it causes the pipes to rupture. Plumbers of Prime Brooklyn Plumber is prepared to assist if your pipes burst or crack on a chilly day. 

We offer 24/7 support to our clients since we are aware that plumbing problems don’t always happen when it’s convenient. The best part is that we don’t charge more on weekends, holidays, or evenings. Your complete satisfaction is warranted!

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